About the ecoclope project

My name is Yassine CHORFI-WITTE. I am an author-inventor from Nancy, and I am the leader of the ecoclope project, but above all a bearer of hope.

The idea of ecoclope finds its source at the beginning of the 00’s with the terrible observation of the pollution due to the throwing of cigarette butts in nature and in public places.

Since 2006, I have been looking for a solution to help smokers protect our environment.

After many tests, the first generation of ecoclope was born: it was patented in 2007, then presented at the Lépine competition where it obtained an official diploma in 2010.

The ecoclope project was born. During the following years, despite the energy deployed, all the contacts initiated and the support I received, the revolutionary cigarette holder struggled to arise.

My personal investment to serve the general interest: 64,000 hours of work on this project with a financial investment of more than 90,000 euros.

Today, I am starting this project because I feel like we have a necessity to enhance the protection of the environment.

We are counting on you, smokers and non-smokers, to finally succeed in reducing this growing pollution. 

Together, let’s develop projects and gather together.

Yassine CHORFI-WITTE, President and Founder of ecoclope

Ecoclope - About us and objectives

Lépine Competition 2010: Ecoclope