For a better place, let’s fight together

While a cigarette butt is able to pollute 500 liters of water, making it unfit to consumption. Every years, 4,300 billion butts are thrown away into the street all around the world.

A cigarette butt is composed by 2,500 different chemical components that can be released into our environment.

With your help, we desire to start manufacturing and sell the ecoclope.

Created by Yassine Chorfi, patented in 2007 and rewarded by the Concours Lépine in 2010, the ecoclope concept is a pocket intelligent cigarette ashtray which main goal is to recycle your cigarette butts and control your personal consumption.

Nowadays it is vital to react to this scourge which, with cooperation, could disappear.

Thanks to this innovation, we promise to considerably reduce the number of cigarette butts thrown in the streets (initially in France and then in the entire world) but also to reduce the exorbitant cost of treating polluted water, which is estimated at several hundred million euros.

Full details of the environmental context.

ecoclope : protect your environment

ecoclope, what is it?

  • A daily supply of cigarettes to take everywhere.
  • 4 items in 1: a packet of cigarettes, a lighter, a cigarette cutter and an ashtray.
  • 100% made in France.
  • A non-profit association (law of 1901).

ecoclope allows smokers to adopt essential gestures to protect our environment and control their consumption.

More details on the different ecoclope versions.

The press is talking about it.

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