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Below, you will find the steps we are taking to bring our project to fruition.

The dialogue is engaged with the Yamoussoukro district Governor

We started a dialogue with Mr. Augustin THIAM, Yamoussoukro  District Governor, Abidjan District, Ivory Coast.

Issue date: 2020-04-07

Open Letter to the President of the French Republic

Nancy, February 2020.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, 

My name is Yassine Chorfi-Witte, I live in Nancy. I take the liberty to talk to you as the winner of the Lépine 2010 competition for Ecoclope innovation.

Ecoclope, what is it about?

Ecoclope is a tool for smokers, protected by a patent since 2007. Its purpose is to fight against pollution due to cigarette butt in public spaces.

Ecoclope, is a daily supply of cigarettes in pocket size to take everywhere:

  • ecological: hermetic ashtray recovering cigarette butts, 
  • automatic: cigarette cutter, 
  • economic: storage of opened cigarettes,
  • practical: built-in electronic lighter.

Available in two versions, cylindrical or rectangular, delivered with recycling pockets for butts, Ecoclope allows the smoker to adopt essential gestures to protect our environment and control his consumption.

Indeed, the pollution due to the throwing of cigarette butts in public places is a real scourge. With 16 million smokers in our country and more than 70 billion cigarettes smoked each year, thousands of tons of this toxic waste accumulate in the sewers and in nature. They cause massive water pollution which increase the cost to recycle water and ravage forests, as they are sometimes the cause of many fires: a real mismanagement, estimated at several hundred million euros, borne by taxpayers.

En effet, la pollution due aux jets de mégots sur la voie publique est un véritable fléau. Avec 16 millions de fumeurs dans notre pays et plus de 70 milliards de cigarettes fumées chaque année, ce sont des milliers de tonnes de ces déchets toxiques qui s’accumulent dans les égouts et dans la nature. Ils provoquent une pollution massive des eaux en pesant sur le coût de leur traitement et ravagent les forêt, car ils sont parfois à l’origine de nombreux incendies : une authentique gabegie, chiffrée à plusieurs centaines de millions d’euros, supportée par les contribuables.

Hence the Ecoclope concept and the project to manufacture this object on a large scale.

My action, which began in 2007, continues today

The business plan is built around a non-profit association structure. The prototypes have been made, the manufacturing, in France, is in the starting blocks: suppliers, assembly, distribution network. According to our studies, several dozen employees could be hired to produce and sell Ecoclope. Indeed, our forecast of sales for the first two years is around 1 million ecoclopes sold (5% of smokers). The plans and prototypes of the Ecoclope are ready, the manufacturing project (suppliers, assembly, distribution) is being refined. 

To make the Ecoclope project a reality, we need about one millions euros with : 

  • Crowdfundings 
  • Banks
  • Public funds

As for smokers who will not have an ecoclope, it would be useful to judiciously place ashtrays in cities which will be directed towards the existing recycling channel.

This is where the public authorities can intervene. 

I therefore hope that you will take into account, Mr. President of the Republic, the merits of my approach. I ask for your support for the Ecoclope project.

I am at your entire disposal for any information or exchange on this subject. 

Awaiting your response. Please accept, Mr. President of the Republic, the expression of my respectful consideration. 

Yassine CHORFI-Witte


The Crowdfunding to help the industrial development of Ecoclope is open on:

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Open Letter to the President of the French Republic

Issue date: 2020-02-04

National Cleanliness Vigilance Operation

National Cleanliness Vigilance Operation

Proposal of a law for the improvement of the cleanliness state of the
natural and urban spaces in France, their maintenance and the respect of cleanliness in France.



The sanitary condition in France of natural and urban spaces has become catastrophic. In the name of protecting our environment, the ecoclope association considers that we are today in a state of emergency. Our mission is to deploy all our energy and resources in the face of this deplorable situation.

By setting up the NCVO Plan, the ecoclope association sets itself the main objective of achieving a return to exemplary cleanliness throughout the territory.

The economic equation of wastewater treatment has made the recurring problem of cigarette butt pollution which leads to all abuse extremely complicated. Each year, 30,000 hectares of our wooded heritage literally go up in smoke.

Cigarettes are the cause in 55% of cases.

On the other hand, cigarettes generate more than 2.3 million tons of industrial waste each year, including 209,000 tons in the form of chemical waste.

The Environmental Charter, adopted on February 28, 2005 by the French government, now places the principles of safeguarding our energy heritage at the same level as those of Human and Citizen’s Rights.

While this text grants rights to everyone, it also imposes duties, such as that of contributing to the preservation and improvement of the environment and, where appropriate, of contributing to repairing the damage caused by man to his body. environment.

In this regard, it should be noted that in France, public authorities are required to apply the precautionary principle and promote sustainable development.

At a time when ecology and problems related to the environment are all the talk, the ecoclope association wishes to provide concrete solutions for the protection of our heritage. To do this, the NCVO Plan proposed by the ecoclope association is based on parameters that are both preventive and repressive for an action that will have to take place on a national territorial theme.

The NCVO Plan will thus be a real vector of encouragement for the development of a solid national policy on the cleanliness of both urban and natural spaces, while promoting the creation of jobs in a spirit of civility and humanism.

Detail of NCVO plan 

At the initiative of the ecoclope association, the NCVO plan, already sent to the French government and to all the media, is based on 14 articles as follows:

Article 1: Carry out a national preventive information campaign on the theme of the cleanliness of natural and urban spaces with a detailed reminder of the collateral damage linked, among other things, to the throwing of cigarette butts and various toxic litter.

Article 2: Organize school outings on the theme "Cleanliness Vigilance" with the aim of making children aware of the concrete problems of environmental pollution.

Article 3: Publicize the Environmental Charter by posting posters in as many public places as possible, specifying the amount of fines incurred for non-respect for the environment.

Article 4: Invite those responsible for public authority to ensure the strict application of the law relating to the fight against acts of incivility linked to uncleanliness and willful pollution.

Article 5: Strengthen the repressive component and create a legal tool making it possible to effectively condemn any act of incivility linked to voluntary uncleanliness and pollution, in particular by the implementation of works of general interest under the authority of the Prefect of Police.

Article 6: Compel by law all traders on French territory to ensure that a state of cleanliness is maintained on the outer perimeter of their trade by installing outdoor ashtrays.

Article 7: Replace circular bins and containers throughout the country with street furniture that fully meets fire safety standards.

Article 8: Proceed throughout the country with the installation of terminals to collect cigarette butts.

Article 9: Systematically include in the Town Planning Code the installation of containers allowing the selective sorting of household waste and areas exclusively intended for the composting of food waste.

Article 10: Set up an Inspection Brigade for Natural and Urban Spaces, the BIENU, made up of sworn officers with the power to draw up reports that will intervene on all polluted sites, both natural and urban, in order to to carry out regular checks on the tasks entrusted to municipal agents responsible for cleaning up urban areas and collecting household waste.

Article 11: Create an internet application to allow the population to report to BIENU any discovery of a polluted site whatsoever.

Article 12: Verbalize any act of incivility contrary to maintaining the cleanliness of natural and urban spaces, such as the throwing of rubbish through the windows to the detriment of respect for the neighborhood and environmental protection of any health precaution.

Article 13: Set up teams of volunteers to help and accelerate the process of cleaning up polluted spaces.

Article 14: Create an ecological equivalent to the JDC (Defense and Citizenship Day) with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the environmental cause.

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