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Pre-ordering ecoclope products allows you to reserve these products for priority delivery as soon as they become available. The launch price of Ecoclope is set at € 38.

This pre-order is not a firm commitment on your part and does not require payment. It allows us to better adjust our production based on the pre-orders received.

As soon as the products are available, you will be contacted to finalize your order on the ecoclope store: a personal code will ensure the priority of your order.

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EG1-RT-001 Translucent Pink Bag Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG1-BT-001 Translucent Blue Bag Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG1-VN-001 Green & Black Bag Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG1-NA-001 Black & Silver Bag Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG2-NO-001 Black & Gold Pocket Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG2-NA-001 Back & Silver Pocket Ecoclope 38.00 0.00
EG2-NA-001-LTD Back & Silver Pocket Ecoclope - Limited Edition 38.00 0.00
AC-POC-010 Zipped cigarette butt recycling pockets (10 units) 3.60 0.00
AC-CHS-001 Wall outlet USB charger (2.4A) with cable 6.00 0.00
AC-CHV-001 Cigarette Lighter USB Car Charger (2.4A) with cable 8.40 0.00
AC-TS-XL-01 White Ecoclope T-shirt size XL 24.00 0.00
RQT-10 Order quantity discount -38.00 0.00
RDH-xxx 0.00
+ delivery package according to quantity ordered Total excluding delivery 0.00

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