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Our responsible association status allows for good frugality: our external charges are very low. Despite everything, ecoclope is a large-scale company, and to get started, we need you.

Thus, your donation will essentially support the launch of the production of ecoclope thanks to:

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Preamble and promotion of crowdfunding ecoclope

Hello everyone,


I am Mr. Yassine Chorfi-Witte, Author-Inventor, President and founder of the ecoclope Association. Winner of the 2010 Lépine competition for ecoclope innovation, bearer of hopes and initiator of the NCVO Plan.

I am speaking to you out of a permanent concern for justice, equity and charity.

As a Citizen Inventor, I am undertaking a major communication campaign in order to give sufficient visibility to my Humanist project. 

In this momentum, I set up the crowdfunding system presented on the Helloasso website.

Indeed, 13 years ago, I decided to make my contribution to the economic effort of our country by developing an action plan through the ecoclope project. This major initiative, capital for the general interest, has been hailed at the highest level of the state. It takes on political, economic, ecological, health and preventive aspects in a humanist spirit. 

In order to achieve the result of all my efforts, I am launching a national appeal for crowdfunding for up to 500,000 euros. This financing includes attractive features in that I offer each person who wagers a sum of around 30 euros or more to benefit from an automatic reduction of at least 15%. The launch price of an ecoclope is set at 38 euros. Exclusively, investors will be upgraded.

The expected savings from the sale of the ecoclope product will be donated to an Association which will be responsible for developing pacification and protection programs for our suffering young people.

The ecoclope Association will also be endowed with an emergency aid fund to help our students and relieve their ordeal. Thus, we can consider that each ecoclope sold can represent a gesture of solidarity and generosity.

Here is for the candle that I intend to light rather than curse the darkness that plunges our society! 

This program is made public on and crowdfunding on HelloAsso.

Contrary to mercantilism, this action plan has the merit of making a serious contribution to economic recovery and marks the fierce desire to embellish a social condition that has become dark. 

My team and I are developing this heavy and complex project, the main objective of which is, beyond the service provided to consumers and the safeguard of our energy heritage, to raise awareness of the collective conscience on the collateral damage caused by jet streams. cigarette butts, responsible for massive pollution of our water which greatly complicates the economic equation of its treatment as well as the many devastating fires of our forests. 

It is time to question the exorbitant cost generated by this notorious pollution, increased to several hundred million euros, inevitably borne by the citizens and which can be compared to a real mismanagement. This is insane, considering the countless overdue priorities that could be financed with this shamefully squandered money!

I am thinking in particular of the appeasement of the perpetual daily ordeal represented by student precariousness, of our helpless young people, rendered to the rank of outcasts, vulgarly thrown into the street!

Today, my will to act in the general interest does not weaken, because beyond all the political speeches on economic recovery, on ecology, this action plan is quite simply a solution. Only action counts!

Today I am capitalizing on more than 64,000 hours of work with a considerable personal investment of over 90,000 euros on this great citizen project which must above all serve the general interest.

I am in contact with 87 newsrooms: televisions, written press and radio stations, thus covering the entire territory with the invaluable support of AFP. ecoclope is now in the starting blocks.

I also want to sensitize and remind our elected officials of their duties, more particularly with regard to the articles mentioned in the Environmental Charter, which I remind you, places the principles of environmental protection at the same level as those of the Constitution of Human and Citizen Rights. That this charter, integrated into the constitutional bloc and voted unanimously by the government meeting in congress at Versailles, confers rights and also requires duties.

To be pragmatic, I also mandated my Community Managers to send 36,000 emails to all Members of Parliament and Mayors in our country.

Together, we have the power to reverse the trends by having everyone to gain from it, by making these thousands of tons of cigarette butts a profitable resource for all rather than common waste ! 

To allow you to obtain more visibility on my work accomplished for thirteen long years, I warmly invite you to discover it through my press kit. You will be able to view the video or read the transcript of my Open Letter to the President of the French Republic.

Welcome to this communication space.

You understand, I am driven by a desire to act for the common good and the general interest. I carry within me the values of respect, sharing, tolerance, generosity and that of recognition. Magnanimous while taking care not to stray from modesty. 

I am firmly convinced that together we have the power to give color to our values, bring them back to life and bring some clarity to all of this by reversing trends. We must all be able to win.

I look forward to seeing many of you, greeting you from the heart, thanking you warmly for your kindness and welcoming you to this humanitarian impetus. 

Yassine Chorfi-Witte

Preamble and promotion of crowdfunding, by Yassine Chorfi

I donate for the environment with ecoclope

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