ecoclope : frequently asked questions

Is the ecoclope compatible with tube cigarettes that I have filled with my favorite tobacco?

  • Yes. The ecoclope are compatible with all cigarettes of 8 cm in length and standard diameter.

What colors are available for the ecoclope?

  • The first colors available will be:
    • for the bag ecoclope: Blue and Pink, both translucent or Green & black
    • and for the pocket ecoclope: Black & silver, Black & gold or Green & black
    • Then other colors and decorations will be offered later.

Can we take the ecoclope apart to clean it?

  • Yes. The ecoclope are completely and easily removable, in particular for cleaning the butt tank. The cleaning is done with water with a little washing-up liquid, and rinsed with clean water.

Can the lighter integrated in the ecoclope be recharged?

  • Yes. The electronic lighter integrated in the ecoclope is a model equipped with a small resistance (practical in windy conditions) and which can be recharged with a USB cable on a USB charging source (computer, charger).

Are the charger and the USB cable supplied with the ecoclope?

  • No. But you can use any USB charger on the market with a standard cable. A standard USB charger can be offered as an option on the ecoclope shop

Is there a danger of fire with the ecoclope?

  • No. The integrated electronic lighter is secure and the plastic of the tank is resistant to high temperatures.

How do I get cigarette butts recycling bags?

  • Five cigarette butts recycling pockets are provided with the purchase of an ecoclope. Each pocket can hold up to 500 cigarette ends. You can get new recycling bags by ordering them from ecoclope shop

What should I do with the cigarette butt recycling pockets when they are full?

  • You can drop them off at the cigarette butts collection points available in our cities or at the recycling center.