For the Environnement

As men become aware of the reality of the world’s harmony they have partly destroyed, as there is a deep need to go back to nature, we commit ourselves to bring concrete ecologic solutions to this ecocide (massive destruction of our ecosystem) and restore our environmental balance.

Humanity has broken its ties with nature, thus disrupting the fundamental balance that ensures its fine tuning.

We can no longer maintain the illusion that such pollution is a possible option, which I would describe as disastrous and revolting when we think of the countless outstanding priorities that could be largely financed with this shamefully squandered money!

Faced with the sad panorama of this unfortunate condition and in view of the result of a questionable development that has led our nature to an ecocide, we keep in mind that it is imperative to maintain our commitments, to continue our actions.

I am really attached to the Environmental Charter and to its values that are integrated into the constitutional paragraph, today more than ever, we renew here our full support and our devotion to environmental protection.

The entire ecoclope team mobilizes more than ever. In a permanent concern of exemplarity, we strive to carry out our investigations, to achieve our objectives and goals, because for us, only action matters!

Never forget that water, a source of life, is one of our primary heritage and that our forests are also vital to our survival.

Finally, let us think about our children’s future.

We are all concerned by these issues, and our responsibilities oblige us to take up these challenges for a better future. The task is considerable, recommend us ! With your support and a little time everything becomes possible.

Your precious support is fundamental to our Association, it allows us to move forward on projects that bring us together.

Projects for the environment, for our economy and for our youth.

Do not hesitate to browse this web site: you will discover an exclusive project, major and capital for the general interest.

We are doing our best to ensure full success, to reverse these unfortunate trends and finally restore a healthy balance.


We are so grateful and we really want to thank you from our hearts for lending us your support.