ecoclope, our objectives

Our environmental objectives

With its 2500 chemical components, a cigarette butt has multiple impacts on our environment. It takes 15 years to completely disintegrate, so a single one of them can contaminate up to 500 litres of water. An unforgivable thing when we know that some people live without drinking water.

We can also see that 10% of the world’s fires are caused by cigarettes. This is again outrageous when we know that our forests are vital to our life.

Furthermore, it is also important to know that cigarette butts are classified as the world’s number one pollutant, that tobacco is responsible for the deforestation of 200,000 hectares of forests around the world every year. And that it generates 2.3 million tons of industrial waste, including 209,000 tons in the form of chemical waste.

Our environmental objective is to remove cigarette butts from our public space and to ensure the recycling of those that are recovered.

Stop aux mégots de cigarettes

Our social objectives

It is impossible for us to conceive to leave this kind of future to our children. That is why it is important to fight right now, to gradually eradicate bad habits from our society. To enable our children to have a serene and secure future.

Our social objective is embodied with the NCVO plan (National Cleanliness Vigilance Operation).

Moreover, included in our values, educating the youth is just as important as protecting our planet. We are therefore committed to funding multiple programs for our children: scholarships, environmental information, cultural assistance, etc.

Pour nos enfants

Our economic objectives

Our action must be part of a fair and profitable economic dynamic for all.

Thus, it is a non-profit association that leads the Ecoclope project.

The Ecoclope will be manufactured on the national territory: we plan to recruit about fifty people to start. 

The benefits of our action will be used to finance the recycling of cigarette butts, study grants, the promotion of environmental information, cultural aid...

Les jeunes avec nous

Yassine Chorfi-Witte presents the association and its environmental, social, economic objectives